If you wish to create or develop a new product,

"TEANRT is your partner!"

Product Planning

We will be the consultant to assist you to enter the market quickly, minimize the barriers, and difficulties when they are planning to join the industry. Our specialty is that we customize main ingredients from wide range of skin care products. Therefore, we assist you to choose the most suitable and profitable product to start based on their client market, region, selling channel, and selling point…etc.


We pay attention to detail, careful source of materials and understand the provenance of all the listed ingredients. From our strong formulation research and development team, state of the art laboratory and extensive ingredient, we ensure that our formulas meet your demands. Our specialty is that we customize main ingredients or formulation for different skin types, ages, body area, and climate.

R & D

Our research and development team in the development of results driven, performance based premium formulations. We consistently search for newest, up-to-date, and functional ingredients which can definitely fulfill different types of formulations and demands. We offer our costumer unique and differentiated products.


Our company has received GMP, ISO 22716 and Eco cert certifications. At the same time we also use the services of accredited independent testing laboratories to ensure that you can be confident of the quality of the product. The products have been closely monitored by our highly qualified employees from the QC and R&D. All of the product will conform to agreed specifications.

Packaging Sourcing & Supply

We provide OEM services including customized modules or bottles to ensure you'll find the exact design you want to create. We have varieties of selections on packaging for client’s options. Also, if you have any preferred brand or packaging then we can always support to outsource similar packaging to meet your anticipation. We also accept small order.


We have a professional design department which we can create logos using your ideas as a basis, or come up with our own unique concepts. We can use client’s design for private label. We can provide design for your company which is suitable for your online presence, store, or any selling channel. We can also include flyers, brochures, and advertising banners with finished products if needed.

Certification & Import License

We have experiences on applying for PIF,CPNP, FDA and Chinese import license for our clients. Also, our factory is Halal certified and we can assist you to apply for halal product certification. Generally, we will include COA, MSDS, ingredient list, and all related documents within shipment but we can also assist to provide needed documents for samples for applying for any national or international certificates.


Collect information through a variety of means in order to provide market data relevant to sales strategy. For a new brand or range we can work with you in developing a well themed, compelling and coherent product range. We offer complete product knowledge, selling point, training, marketing campaign, and strategy to assist you successfully launch brand.


TENART has been in cosmetic industry for over 20 years and we have assisted clients from over 28 countries. This means that we have developed a sound knowledge of specific and emerging regulatory requirements of many countries. We are familiar with all import regulation and our products met EU and US FDA standards.