Skin care

Tenart is a high quality boutique skin care manufacturer that can help you formulate and develop products for almost application type of market. We customized and exclusive skincare products for your market from concept through to final product.

Mask Series

As leading facial mask manufacturers. We are focused on quality and attention to detail every step of the way. We use professional ingredients and technology to match local market and function.

Baby & Mommy care

High quality organic Baby & Mommy care provides absolutely safe product. Eliminate harmful ingredients and take control of pregnancy and baby care. We help developing an organic and natural baby & mommy care.

Cosmetic Medical

We support different types of skin to research the newest ingredients. We were able to develop effective and innovative cosmetic medical products and thus enrich the expertise treatment.

Make Up

We provide you with all of the essentials to take your brand concept to market. We can do the product with different color, size, material, shape as you request and only highest-quality products for specialists.

Bath & Body care

Our body is a living masterpiece that should be constantly valued, cared for and nourished as naturally and organically as possible so that can thrive and flourish throughout our life’s journey.

Essential Oil

If you are looking for a different but delightful aromatic experience, the essential oil combinations are sure to uplift, inspire and refresh. They are a rejuvenating addition to any beauty routine and can be used on the skin to revive a tired complexion.

Hair Care

To formulate our high end hair products we have combined the genius of both science and nature. This not only guarantees high performance products but healthy, lustrous locks too.

Home Cleansing Products

We specialize in offering cleansing products and prevent hands from drying. We can update existing formulations to meet new regulatory standards or to assist you in keeping ahead of consumer expectations.