"We Create Exceptional Quality
Products For Leading Brands Worldwide"

As a manufacturer of Cosmetics of Excellence, we undertook the necessary steps of certification and labeling in order to guarantee quality products.

• Received ISO Certifications, EcoCert® certification for manufacturing monitoring.
• Provide clean and dust free production line.

We are professional skin care and cosmetic formulations research laboratory.
In parallel, an independent laboratory evaluates our whole products offer microbiological control, physico-chemical and organoleptical tests.
Control plan of product stability in real time. To guarantee the full traceability of every raw material and component used, in all the steps of the process.

• Work with you to create effective formulations and meet the needs of your target demographic
• We deliver different product value

Our research and development team in the development of results driven, performance based premium formulations. We pay attention to detail, careful source of materials and understand the provenance of all the listed ingredients. From our strong formulation research and development team, state of the laboratory and extensive ingredient, we ensure that our formulas meet your demands.

• Quality control at every level of manufacture
• Deliver the safest and most effective products to both our customers and their marketplace

Our Quality Insurance covers all activities of the laboratory, from the selection of the raw materials until commercialization of products. Our regulatory team works closely with the R&D in order to guarantee that all the selected raw materials for your product development and final approved formula. Formulas go under proven accelerated stability testing ensuring it meets your standards for the life of the product.

• Scale your business as you need it. Manage everything for you from small through to high volume production.
• Complete Automatic Face Mask Production Line

High quality hardware plus excellent software specification produce plant. We have complete experimental equipments and have manufacturing area, filling area, packaging area and UV radiation sterilizing system. Our production facility is organized in effective system which allows us to be highly flexible, to adapt to specific needs and produce low volume batches.